A Glimmering

Raven by Paco Guidice for Moon

Moon is theatrical dream waiting to come to life in the waking world. It is a mythical journey told through song, dance, prose, and visual artistry.

It is the story of a young girl who is sent on a quest to find the moon which has been stolen.

Moon is a celebration of the arts and our shared humanity. It is an adventure of the spirit into theatrical poetry.



Moon...The serene moon light softly illuminates us and evokes our deep hidden emotions, we immerse ourselves in an enchanting dream.”


M. Mihara  


Moon is a haunting, beautiful, darkly sensual  vision of a world struggling for renewal.What it offers is not any facile solution, but a medley of voices and highly imaginative, expressively choreographed sequences that express our collective longing for a better world. It is a vision of human potentiality realized. It is a re-affirmation of the capacity of the restless human spirit to transfigure those conditions that prevent us from realizing the immense potential that is within us. 

Dr. Paul Hamilton 

Shakespeare Fellow

Kingston University

United Kingdom 

"Moon is beautiful. The story behind it is powerful. I am beyond words. It is an extraordinary journey that must come to life. "

Stefan Wilke   Germany

Raven by Paco Guidice for Moon
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Ravens by Paco Guidice